Every single wedding is different - which is why I like them.

I like people with confidence, people that know what they like and then dare to plan a wedding that demonstrates that. You're in it for the long game; the wedding is just the start and it's a combination of all of the things that you love, shared with all of the people that you care about. It might not be a huge wedding, it might not be all shiny-sparkly-princesses and it might not be exactly what your parents had in mind for you but it's got your names all over it and it's going to be great. 

My approach is to produce images that record your day and depict it honestly, beautifully and without interruption. I'm a fly-on-the-wall kind of wedding photographer and I definitely don't like to dictate what happens during the day - it's a wedding not a photoshoot, I just happen to be there to photograph it. The most important thing to me is that you trust me, that you communicate with me and of course it might help if you like my work - but if you've got as far as to read this you probably do...

I am no stranger to travel and have photographed weddings in New York, Sorrento, Andalusia and Turkey, as well as all over the UK. If you're looking to get married abroad - or fly me out to wherever you live, then please get in touch

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