India Hobson Portrait

I'm a commercial photographer - that means that I spend my whole life taking photographs for different people and for different uses. Most of my work is editorial; the New York Times, Le Monde and the Telegraph weekend supplements. Some days I photograph artists/makers in their studios, fashion models or actors on set and I can often be found in greenhouses, fields/on rooftops or in some other bizarre situation. It doesn't feel like work, and it certainly isn't as glamorous as it sounds. Most of my commercial clients hire me because I like raw, simple beauty and apparently I can 'make shitty offices look sublime'. 

I shoot weddings to remind me what's important in life, to make photographs that people are personally and emotionally connected to and because I have a whole load of fun in the process. There are countless photographers to choose from when looking at wedding photography and I'll admit that I'm rubbish at being a salesperson - if you like my work then you like it and that's everything isn't it?! When you know you know. 

My 'wedding style' (if there is such a thing) is contemporary, raw, real, somewhere-along-the-lines-of-reportage/documentary and maybe even cool wedding photography from a single point of view - mine. I won't promise to make your wedding day look like a million-dollar fashion editorial but I will do my very best to give you pictures that represent the day in all it's glory. 

I live in Sheffield, just on the edge of Yorkshire (but so near that edge that it's very almost Derbyshire) but travel all over the place. That means I'm also happy to shoot weddings all over the place too.

To see what I get up to outside of weddings, have a look at my personal website here. 

I also run a travel and lifestyle blog/instagram account with my boyfriend: Haarkon